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The TOMMY Group

USC Annual Product Partner

USC Annual Product Partner

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For our Annual Product Partners, Tommy Group facilities the following:

  1. Opportunity blasts to all USC athletes and creators (560+ athletes across 21 teams along with USC cheer, dance, and creators). Opportunities include but not limited to: Brand Ambassador Roles, product launches, events, giveaways, photo shoots, or anything ideas you have!

  2. Coordination and facilitation of product gifting sessions and brand ambassador onboarding and communication with USC athletes.

  3. Assistance in product selection to align with athlete preferences such as skincare and hair care for water and beach sports we discussed.

  4. Promotion on athletes' social media platforms, creating a buzz around your brand. Here's a past Princess Polly Example.
  5. Tap into each season as different teams are brought into the spotlight such as Women's Basketball, Beach Volleyball and Women's Lacrosse right now.

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